4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: April 25, 2017

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The Showoff vs. The King of Strong Style

Two weeks ago, Shinsuke Nakamura interrupted a promo being delivered by Dolph Ziggler. The interaction between these two men was short, but it got physical when the Showoff attempted a superkick. Nakamura caught the kick and sent Ziggler down to the mat, causing him to retreat for the time being. On this night, the King of Strong Style was the one who stood tall. Fans eagerly awaited a continuation of the rivalry, however, last week offered no progression. Thankfully, it seems that their paths may intertwine once again.

Now that Ziggler has lost a chance to compete for the WWE Championship, he may choose to resume his newfound feud. A contest between these two men would be a sight to see, as they both are solid athletes. If WWE is wise and saves the match for Backlash, it could serve as an epic in-ring debut for Nakamura. Network subscriptions are tied into the amount of interest the pay-per-view events can generate, and there are few matches more enticing at the moment than Ziggler versus Nakamura.

To get the most out of this potential rivalry, it’s crucial that Nakamura waits to compete until Backlash. While SmackDown Live could use him inside the ring to draw a higher viewership, now isn’t the time. Sometimes a slow burn is more valuable in the long-run, not just for the company but the superstars involved.

Give Nakamura and Ziggler a few weeks to promote their match and good things will come out of it. The King of Strong Style will make a quality in-ring debut, and The Showoff can prove just how valuable he truly is.