4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: April 25, 2017

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The Lone Wolf Strikes First

Although Baron Corbin only suffered a loss last week due to a count-out, he still needs to rebound in a big way. Easily one of the fastest rising superstars in WWE today, the Lone Wolf has the ability to become a popular attraction. At the moment he is without direction, but that is something that can be fixed without much difficulty.

Currently, there are only two men who I believe are the most logical opponents for Baron Corbin. At the top of the list is Sami Zayn, SmackDown Live’s top underdog and a superstar who could bring the most out of the Lone Wolf. The only issue is that tonight could see him attempt to gain revenge for his loss against Jinder Mahal (more on that in a bit). These two could go at it down the line, but now may not be the best time to begin this rivalry.

Due to this, the best choice at the moment is Tye Dillinger. Already one of the most popular stars on the Blue Brand, Dillinger has a legion of fans who viewed his performances in NXT. With SmackDown Live still possessing a paper-thin roster, a quick insertion into a meaningful feud could do him wonders.

Similar to Nakamura versus Ziggler, this is a contest that should be saved for Backlash. The Blue Brand is infamous for having throwaway matches on their big events, and that’s a trend that needs to stop. This match here has the potential to steal the show as long as they’re given ample time. Both could benefit from the win, yet Corbin has a higher need for momentum. The Lone Wolf is destined for a main event run, and big wins now will build up his credibility.