4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: April 25, 2017

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The Champion Will Retain the Title

At the beginning of last week’s episode, Charlotte came out to the ring to voice her displeasure. Frustrated over the fact she hadn’t received a title shot on the Blue Brand, she announced her intentions to compete for the gold. This brought the champion Naomi, and the two brawled until Commissioner Shane McMahon made a decision. The two had to compete later in the night, and if Charlotte won she became the number one contender.

In that match, the champion suffered her defeat since winning the championship at WrestleMania. Not only did she lose the contest, but now she has to defend her title against her toughest opponent to date. The match isn’t going to be easy for Naomi by any means, but odds are she’s going to emerge victoriously.

If she were to lose, it would mark another short reign as champion. Naomi cannot afford this at the current stage of her career, as fans are finally starting to take her seriously. She’s been popular for quite awhile now, however, Naomi didn’t thrive on SmackDown Live until recently. A surprise return from injury thrust her into the spotlight, and it should remain on her for the time being.

By winning the match, Naomi could head into Backlash for a third and final encounter with Charlotte. On that night either woman could earn the win, and neither would look worse for wear. The interesting thing will be to see who rises above the current crop to challenge for the title after the event. With only six available women on the roster, WWE has to be creative with how they present the Women’s Division.