WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 25

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Nakamura Encounters Dolph Ziggler Yet Again

At the top of the hour, SmackDown Live begins with an in-ring interview with Shinsuke Nakamura. Renee Young is the one selected to conduct it, but things never get off the ground. Dolph Ziggler comes out to interrupt the King of Strong Style, likely looking to avenge the embarrassment he suffered two weeks ago.

After a brief staredown, the Showoff starts things off and addresses Nakamura. Claiming that at one point Nakamura said that Ziggler was “his all-time favorite”, he goes on to wonder what it must be like for the former NXT champion to be in the ring with him. Ziggler then gives us his version of the dance moves Nakamura provides each week, and the King of Strong Style is unimpressed. The promo continues with the Showoff stating that Nakamura’s real name is Michael, however, his tirade doesn’t last long.

Tired of hearing his outspoken rival talk, Nakamura decided it was his turn to take over the exchange. He asks what exactly is the Showoff’s problem before calling him a profane word in Japanese. In retaliation Ziggler strikes Nakamura, and then he chooses to attempt a superkick. Just like two weeks ago, Nakamura counters the kick and drops his rival. The King of Strong Style went for the Kinshasa, but the Showoff managed to roll out of the ring. Their segments ends with Nakamura standing tall for the second time in as many interactions between the two.

A great way to kick-off SmackDown Live, the upcoming match between these two promises to excite. The rest of the Blue Brand better be prepared to attempt to topple the performance they put on.