WWE SmackDown Live Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 25

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Jinder Mahal’s Push Continues

Immediately following his victory over Erick Rowan, Randy Orton decided to talk about his upcoming “House of Horrors” match. Responding to the promo Bray Wyatt delivered on Raw, The Viper stated that Sunday will be the night where Wyatt meets his “own personal hell”. His promo was going to conclude on that night, but Jinder Mahal had other plans for the champion.

Interrupting Orton, Mahal made his way down to the ring flanked by his two new henchmen; the Singh brothers. Feeling as though he’s being disrespected by the champion due to a lack of attention, he warns Orton that he should be worried about him.

Proclaiming himself to be more intelligent and wealthy than all those in attendance, he states that respect will come his way whether people like it or not. In his opinion, the only reason that respect is lacking is because people (including Orton) are arrogant and judge him by his appearance.

Taking a moment to address his homeland in his native language, Mahal returns his focus to Randy Orton. Fed up his the arrogance his number one contender is conveying, the Viper decides enough is enough. Countering an attempted strike by Mahal, the WWE Champion went for his patented second rope DDT. The Singh brothers managed to make the save, and they (along with Mahal) laid waste to the Viper. The segments ends with Mahal standing tall over the champion with the title in his possession.