WWE: Baron Corbin Hit With One-Week Suspension


Baron Corbin is one of the most menacing superstars in the WWE today, and SmackDown Live’s counterpart to Braun Strowman has just been suspended for a backstage beatdown of Sami Zayn.

No stranger to imposing his will on babyface superstars, Baron Corbin once put Intercontinental Championship feud partner Dean Ambrose under a forklift. He didn’t try to do the same to Sami Zayn on the Apr. 25 episode of SmackDown Live, but he destroyed “The Underdog From The Underground” on Talking Smack after Zayn spoke about “The Lone Wolf”.

As a result of his actions, SmackDown commissioner Shane McMahon announced that Corbin has been fined and suspended for one week.

Knowing how anti-establishment Corbin’s character is, we should fully expect him to wreak havoc in some fashion next week, preferably involving another beatdown of Zayn. SmackDown Live‘s current top heel is Kevin Owens, but all indications are that Corbin will be positioned on that same echelon soon. Having him run through someone like Zayn can help further establish how dangerous of a man Corbin is.

The rivalry between Corbin and Zayn makes complete sense, with AJ Styles locked in as the No. 1 contender for Kevin Owens’s United States Championship. Zayn can’t afford to renew his rivalry with Owens so quickly, and while he figures to lose this feud to Corbin, at least we’ll get to see great matches from both of them.

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Again, for those of you worried about missing out on watching Corbin, who is one of the toughest brawlers in the company, grace our screens next week, fret not. He’ll be there, and I’m hoping he’ll be involved in something dastardly so that we can really get this Zayn vs. Corbin feud rolling with Backlash on the horizon. They should add to a match card that’s quickly building.