WWE NXT Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for April 26

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Aleister Black vs. Kona Reeves

Result: Aleister Black defeated Kona Reeves via pinfall.

No matter how many times you see it, Black’s entrance keeps your eyes glued to the TV screen. It’s something unlike anyone else’s, including the music that perfectly represents what he’s trying to portray.

At this point, not sure what WWE sees in Reeves. He has the size of a typical Superstar, but doesn’t seem to be getting a closer look on TV anytime soon, even after playing an enhancement talent role for over six months. He actually got some offense in on Black, but that faded within seconds.

Instead of one quick Black Mass, the Dutchman used a flurry of offense. It then set up the finishing move, which looked as devastating as the first few times. The use of the leg to pick up the opponent by the head is almost sadistic, but something that fits this dark character all too well.

Ruby Riot Interview

Riot talked about her match with Cross, which is coming up. Riot said SAnitY tries making everyone else conform to their ways, but she’ll fight back.

Riot’s doing some solid promo work, albeit in a controlled environment. Not sure how that’s going to translate to an in-ring segment, but so far, so good.

Andrade Almas Outside

We see Almas trying to be interviewed by one of the backstage reporters, but he gets into a car with a few women, and they drive away.

Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross

As Riot walked down the entrance ramp, Cross attacked her from behind and continued the brawl from earlier in the night. It goes on until the officials have to break them up again. However, Riot hit one of the people trying to pry her away and did a flying cross-body onto Cross, off the stage.