WWE Raw 5 Takeaways: Alexa Bliss is the Star of the Show

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3. Relax With the Bayley Heat

Just as Alexa Bliss received widespread acclaim for her work on the mic last night, Bayley received plenty of criticism from fans on the Internet. Her promos have become predictable, essentially reiterations of her desire to keep holding the championship and her love for the WWE. They are sappy, and fans would like to see her character have more dimensions. Babyfaces in the WWE don’t get the best promos, but it sometimes seems like the creative team has just given up on writing anything beyond their stock “Look at how far I’ve come” promos for Bayley.

While I consent to all of these valid criticisms of Bayley, it’s important to remember that her character is meant to click with younger fans and other fans who are more likely to get behind that kind of character. Whereas the likes of Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks (at least when she is a heel) are able to resonate with Internet fans, Bayley isn’t supposed to be trading barbs with people. The problem is that her repetitive promos are becoming more corny than inspirational.

This can all be fixed, and it’s why I’m willing to hold off on slamming Bayley’s character. Assuming Bliss takes the Raw Women’s Championship from “The Huggable One” soon, Bayley will finally be able to engage in a proper feud with Banks. A feud that has a real story to it, beyond an elite-level heel, berating Bayley for her kiddish, happy-go-lucky attitude and humble beginnings as a superstar. In a feud with Banks, Bayley would be able to show a wider range of emotions that come with being turned on by a supposed close friend, in the near aftermath of losing her first title – in front of her family, no less.

There’s a lot the WWE can do with Bayley, and as long as the long-term build remains strong, I’m not too worried about Bayley’s lack of character development right now.