WWE Raw 5 Takeaways: Alexa Bliss is the Star of the Show

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2. The Miz Could Be Losing Momentum

Remember when The Miz was the biggest star on SmackDown Live? Every segment he was in, he grabbed the mic and forced you to listen to him, whether you liked seeing him on your screen or not. The Miz’s program with Dolph Ziggler was by far the best rivalry in the WWE in 2016, and it was a pinnacle achievement in all of wrestling that year.

Since then, The Miz has been in limbo. He was forced to carry a program with John Cena and Nikki Bella that was only in place to have Cena’s proposal captured at WrestleMania. He was fed to Dean Ambrose to reward the “Lunatic Fringe’s” hard work by giving him the Intercontinental Championship. You know, the title that the Miz busted his tail off to make relevant again.

Now that he’s on Raw, the Miz has made his mark, but it just feels like the red brand isn’t the right place for him. We knew we wouldn’t get to see him on Talking Smack, and we worried he wouldn’t get as many chances to shine.

Last night, The Miz was hit with Dirty Deeds, a Codebreaker, and Sister Abigail. Having him team with Bray Wyatt made absolutely no sense, and it’s strange seeing The Miz almost stuck in limbo. He already took a loss to Sami Zayn that came despite him cheating, and he hasn’t stood tall during any segment thus far. That’s a problem, and it needs to be rectified quickly. Sadly, we won’t get to see The Miz rewarded at Payback, because, again, the Intercontinental Championship isn’t even being defended at a Raw PPV.