WWE SmackDown 5 Takeaways: Jinder Mahal Executing Role Perfectly

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4. Breezango and the Importance of Patience

The expectation is for SmackDown tag team champions The Usos to feud with The New Day over the titles, but, for now, Breezango are the No. 1 contenders. Tyler Breeze and Fandango defeated The Ascension in quicker time than American Alpha dispatched of The Colons, making them the top contenders to The Usos.

Previously, Breezango were treated as a joke. They put an incredible amount of effort into their gimmick, providing fans with entertaining skits in between segments. Breezango ably sold in squash matches, but they were winless on television.

We had been clamoring for Breezango to receive some sort of momentum (or at least a win) for months, and this victory was a long time coming. A win over The Ascension is hardly convincing, and I doubt anything comes of their No. 1 contendership. However, their win is a reminder that sometimes it’s important to be patient. Although Breezango never won a match of consequence to this point, at least they had been consistently on television and remained an engaging act in the eyes of the WWE universe.

That always bodes well, and I expect Breezango to continue to make strides in the SmackDown tag team division. I hope they eventually win the tag team titles, and while that may not happen in the near future, this was at least a step in the right direction. For fans of the act, it is important to continue to support Breezango on social media and in arenas to show the WWE brass that they can indeed draw.