5 WWE Stars Braun Strowman Needs to Destroy Next

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Braun Strowman has been on a warpath lately, especially following his destruction of Roman Reigns. But who should be his next victim?

Braun Strowman has become the new Brock Lesnar. He has improved by leaps and bounds in terms of his in-ring abilities (how many super-heavyweight wrestlers do you know that can pull off a kip-up?). His promo abilities have become much better, and while he’s not the speaker that Chris Jericho or the Miz are, Strowman still manages to get his point across effectively. Finally, his overall presentation and booking have turned him into one of the biggest babyfaces among some fans.

It really is an interesting development for Strowman. When he first started as another member of the Wyatt Family, there were concerns about how he’d be used. As another enormous muscleman, it was thought Strowman would be another Great Khali: an immobile giant that couldn’t wrestle.

However, over the past few months, through careful booking, Strowman has become the polar opposite of that. He can work, he can have a dramatic match, and he even managed to take the British Bulldog Running Powerslam, a move that has been used for decades, and made it into a realistic and believable finisher. He’s truly a great wrestler at this point.

The most recent moment of Strowman’s incredible power was his unrelenting destruction of Roman Reigns on RAW recently. This was one of the most well-executed attacks in recent months, and it made Strowman look amazing. Strowman came out of this segment looking like a million dollars, and has more people talking about him than arguably anyone else.

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While the plan for Strowman is still for him to lose to Reigns, that eventual victory needs to have more weight and importance. While WWE builds Strowman up over the coming months (and after his battle with Reigns at Payback), he needs to continue being the monster he has become.

This means that Strowman has to do to others what he did to Reigns. These others can include such people as…