5 WWE Stars Braun Strowman Needs to Destroy Next

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Photo by WWE.com

5. Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle’s currently playing the role of RAW’s General Manager, but there have been rumors circulating suggesting he might be cleared to wrestle soon. If there are plans on having Angle compete in the future, he should take at least one bump courtest of Braun Strowman.

We’ve reached an age in WWE where everyone’s afraid of the authority figures, including the on-screen ones. Strowman has demonstrated that, in storyline, he has no regard for the damage he causes to his fellow wrestlers. Why, then, should he continue to show the same for Kurt Angle, an authority figure that has tried to get in Strowman’s way on several occasions?

Imagine the kind of reaction Strowman would get for assaulting Angle. If done correctly, WWE could make it look like Strowman injured Angle in a serious way, which could even jeopardize Angle’s chances of wrestling in a WWE ring. Since many of Angle’s fans want to see just that, it would be a great story that could tell that would lead to more (worked) anger towards Strowman.

And since WWE’s entire goal is for Strowman to get booed and not cheered, booking him to assault a beloved fan favorite like Angle would help accomplish that goal in a big way.