5 WWE Stars Braun Strowman Needs to Destroy Next

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2. The Agents

Remember when ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin was at war with Vince McMahon? On many occasions, Austin would exact his revenge on McMahon’s stooges, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco.

These men weren’t active wrestlers, but backstage hands that people knew had influence over the product. Watching Austin demolish these lesser versions of Vince had, in some cases, the same level of satisfaction as seeing Austin attack Vince himself.

Nowadays, the agents are untouchable when it comes to the active wrestlers hurting them, but an exception should be made for Braun Strowman. In building him up as a true monster, he should be unafraid of any consequences.

Think of it logically. Strowman assaults Roman Reigns viciously, and is still on WWE programming. If he were to attack someone that cannot defend themselves, like Jamie Noble, Finlay, or another agent, it would be a fantastic way for him to get some heat. These agents are not active wrestlers, and despite having some degree of control when it comes to matches, would be completely vulnerable to Strowman’s might.

The sight of Strowman destroying someone like that would be a terrific way for Strowman to be portrayed as a bully heel, which could garner more sympathy for Reigns and a greater desire to see Strowman defeated.