Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for April 27

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Show Opener

Jeremy Borash and the Pope are announcing the matches on tonight’s card when they are interrupted by Josh Matthews’ music.  Matthews is joined by some of the TNA management team and states that he has the breaking news tonight.  He states that Jeremy Borash is suspended and removed from the commentary team immediately for putting his hands on Matthews last week.  This is all happening while Josh Matthews is getting boos rained on him by inside the Impact Zone.

Trevor Lee vs Matt Sydal

Result: Sydal def. Lee via pinfall

Trevor Lee was noticeably upset after his title loss last week but he has a tough test against Matt Sydal.  Sydal is making his Impact Wrestling debut but can’t get out of the blocks early with the angry Trevor Lee.  He takes advantage of the over excitement of Lee but is quickly taken back to Earth with Shane Helms involvement.  Both men can’t maintain their offensive momentum as they go back and forth.  Helms’ distraction costs Trevor Lee as Matt Sydal is victorious in his debut with the shooting star press.

Matt Sydal will be an amazing addition to X-Division.  During his time in WWE, everyone could see his potential but he was never able to get out of his own way.  Now that he is reborn, he has had more success in Ring of Honor and is looking to win gold in Impact Wrestling.  Sydal made his presence felt in his debut and it is only a sign of things to come.