Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for April 27

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EC3 Has Words for James Storm

Ethan Carter III has taken offense to “Making Impact Great” because he has carried the company since he debuted.  He took Prichard’s advice to find the real EC3 and he saw everything that he was and still is.  EC3 proclaims that at Slammiversary, he will become the World Champion again.  He calls out James Storm but that doesn’t last long after what happened last week.  EC3 cost James Storm the World Championship in a match against Lashley last Thursday.

James Storm claims that he isn’t mad but he can take out EC3 whenever he wants.  Storm is ready to dance but Ethan Carter is willing to wait.  After Storm delivered some fighting words, EC3 changes his mind.  A low blow and the One Percenter puts James Storm down for the count.

This feud has been going on since the fans decided that they were going to pick James Storm to be the number one contender.   EC3 turned on Storm in his World Championship and now they have each other one on one.  Carter looks like he has the advantage after tonight as this may be the time that he returns to his old self.  I love that the new management has given Ethan Carter a chance to get back to his roots.

Christina Von Eerie vs Ava Storie

Result: Von Eerie def. Storie via pinfall

We were introduced to Christina Von Eerie in a video package before this match.  Von Eerie is in complete control from the very beginning.  Storie does fight back with aggression but it is short lived.  She was preoccupied with the referee to continue to control the pace of the match.  Von Eerie wins with a double arm trap backstabber.

It was mentioned in the video package that there could be a unification match for the Knockout’s and Global Force Women’s Titles.  This is a sign of things to come for most of the titles and could introduce new championships.