Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for April 27

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Impact Grand Championship Match
Moose (c) vs Davey Richards

Result: Richards def. Moose via disqualification

Moose is flanked by D’Angelo Williams and Gary Barnidge for outside support.  This didn’t help him in the first round as Davey Richards attack the leg of Moose and didn’t look back.  The entire method of his attack was targeted at the now injured leg.  He locked in the figure four leglock on Moose for close to an entire minute but Moose is saved by the bell.  Davey Richards wins the first round of this Grand Championship match.

Richards didn’t go back to his attack on the leg in the second round.  It seemed like Moose was finding his feeling in his leg after the onslaught in the first round.  The shift in offense gave Moose a chance to fight back as he turned up the aggression.  He wins the round with his lifting clothesline that was followed up by a moonsault.  It will be interesting to see if Richards goes to the injury.

With the rounds tied at two a piece, Moose takes Richards to the outside with a dropkick.  The two battle on the top turnbuckle but Moose loses that battle.  Richards almost knocks Moose out with a version of Creeping Death.  He looks to put him away with his signature double foot stomp but after he is interrupted by Eddie Edwards.  Edwards causes a disqualification which costs Richards the championship much like Richards did a while ago.  After the match, Richards is taken down by a Gary Barnidge with D’Angelo Williams taunting him.