WWE Payback 2017: 4 Potential Swerves That Could Happen

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4. Alexa Bliss Becomes Raw Women’s Champion

Bayley losing her Championship so soon after WrestleMania and to a new addition to Raw would be a huge move. At this point, it seems the likely scenario is that Bayley retains against Bliss, so having her lose would be quite the shock. There are many ways this could happen, a clean win for the heel, a mistake from the Champion or interference.

With the constant teasing of some tensions between Sasha and Bayley, that could easily come into play and help lay even more seeds for a future potential feud between the pair. They seemed like a solid duo on this week’s Raw, but looks can be deceiving. It may turn out to be Sasha who helps Alexa defeat Bayley, Alexa becomes the new Champion and Sasha sets her sights on the title.

It would make sense, Sasha doesn’t want to face Bayley and instead wants to face someone else. A good plan no doubt, and it leaves a Bayley/Sasha feud to happen in the future. But Alexa should not be some transitional Champion, it would be interesting to see her capture the gold and then Sasha unable to defeat her for it later on. The division is definitely growing on the red brand, and a shake up like this could make for interesting TV.