WWE Payback 2017: 4 Potential Swerves That Could Happen

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3. The Hardys Get Broken

We know that WWE are keen to use The Broken gimmick, they are attempting to get trademarks in order and we have seen both Matt and Jeff tease things as well. Since capturing the Raw Tag Team Titles they have been fixed up with Number One Contenders Cesaro and Sheamus. The matches have been good and the heat between the teams is definitely there despite both parties trying to keep it cool.

So how would the Hardys get broken? They lose the Raw Tag Team Titles of course. It is the perfect set up for this to happen and it also helps give Cesaro and Sheamus more momentum as a team. The loss for the Hardys would be quite shocking since they only returned and got the titles a few weeks ago, and what better way to give them motivation for this gimmick than a big loss.

This is something that will get people talking post-Payback and there will be a lot of interest to see their reaction on Raw from losing. The Broken gimmick can definitely work in the WWE and everyone is just eager to see when if happens.