WWE Payback 2017: 4 Potential Swerves That Could Happen

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2. Braun Stowman Wins

It would seem that after what Braun Strowman has put Roman Reigns through, he is destined to win against the monster and reclaim his yard. But what if the monster cannot be stopped, even by Reigns? A loss would actually be quite beneficial to Reigns, he wouldn’t be seen as an unstoppable force by the fans and taking a loss could help people get on his side. A win for Strowman here would really make him the one to beat, and this helps set up a possible match with Brock Lesner down the line, because these two in a match would be brutal.

Roman Reigns definitely needs to have a really big challenge, but also to rebuild who he is. Unfortunately, his personal life has taken a hit with his older brother Matt aka Rosey passing away, this is a big reason we have not seen him on TV, as well as selling his injuries. Having him off TV is really helping, there was some crowd support heard for him during Braun’s match with Kalisto. Losing such a big match after getting completely destroyed just gives him more motivation and it would help set him up with other feuds and move away from Strowman.

These two will no doubt have a great match, but something quite shocking needs to happen to make it a worthy follow-up to their previous outing. They will no doubt decimate each other, but an unexpected win will certainly open up more doors.