WWE Payback 2017: 3 Predictions for Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

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Payback, WWE.com

Bray Wyatt could have a career night at WWE Payback 2017.

Things are going to get weird at WWE Payback this Sunday. Bray Wyatt is bringing the House of Horrors Match to WWE, when he takes on WWE Champion Randy Orton in a non-title match. There is very little information about what to expect in this match, but there probably aren’t a lot of limitations when it comes to Wyatt.

The match was originally going to be for Orton’s title, but that got changed after Wyatt moved from SmackDown to Raw. That makes sense, but why SmackDown’s world champion is wrestling on a Raw-branded PPV is still a mystery.

With this match being on Bray’s turf, in a match branded for his character, it only seems right that Bray would walk away with the win.

What we do know is that this match is going to end inside the ring, but it’s going to start inside the literal “House of Horrors.” It wouldn’t be WWE if it wasn’t right on the nose.

This match is set up to be extremely underwhelming. Neither guy is in a position to sensibly take a loss and, while stipulations like this seem cool in theory, they generally flop.

Maybe they’ll surprise us. Maybe Wyatt will pull out all the stops to do what he couldn’t do at WrestleMania: vanquish The Viper. Maybe that will include a lot of big moves, spots, special effects that bring this match to another level and help it deliver.

Here are three predictions for what those things might be on Sunday night.