WWE Payback 2017: 3 Predictions for Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

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1. It’s Now or Never for Sister Abigail

Sister Abigail is that big move for Wyatt. Sister Abigail is what Bray needs to be catapulted from the strange level he’s at to the next level.

Now, if you look at every article I’ve written about Bray Wyatt, there are probably multiple predictions for the arrival of Sister Abigail. Still, I’m going to make that prediction one more time.

When Randy Orton burnt down The Wyatt Compound, he supposedly destroyed the body of Sister Abigail. That does not mean her spirit can’t inhabit the “House of Horrors” and haunt Orton in the match.

Plus, if it’s ever going to happen, it has to happen now. Wyatt’s character has never needed a visual representation of Abigail more than now. On top of that, this current storyline with Orton has given Abigail the perfect time to reveal herself to the world.

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At the end of the day, it’s impossible to know what’s going to happen on Sunday. Bray Wyatt has always been unpredictable. Underwhelming, but unpredictable. Hopefully, for once, WWE uses it as something that Wyatt can build on and be their new, strong, supernatural character in this post-Undertaker world.