WWE: 4 Booking Steps to Make Jinder Mahal a Credible Title Challenger

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1. Randy Orton Needs to Sell Mahal as a Threat

This is the most important aspect of presenting Mahal as a legitimate challenger to Orton’s title. Randy Orton himself needs to be worried about Mahal as an opponent, and should cut promos reflecting that.

Orton should be afraid of Mahal’s aggression, of his intelligence in the ring, and of the numbers game, he has thanks to his allegiance with the Singh Brothers. These things should be presented as problems for Orton, and his facial expressions, tone of voice, and language used should all reflect that.

If Orton cuts the same old promos in which he doesn’t show any fear or concern, that’ll harm Mahal’s presentation. If Orton ignores Mahal’s words and actions, the fans won’t take Mahal seriously as a threat, which will make them less interested in his upcoming title match.

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That’s why Orton has a major responsibility in building up Mahal; he has to do his part in convincing the audience that Mahal’s indeed a credible challenger.