WWE Money in the Bank 2017: Which Title Will Rusev Get a Shot at?


Rusev appeared via filmed video on Smackdown Live this week, where he put Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan on notice by demanding a Championship match at Money in the Bank, if not he walks.

Things got interesting this week on Smackdown Live as we heard from Rusev, not only about the ‘Superstar Shake-up’ but about his intentions moving forward. In a pre-recorded video Rusev stated his displeasure at being traded to the blue brand, and demanded a WWE Championship Match at Money in the Bank. Assuming Rusev meant a shot at the top title and not the US Title or Tag Team Titles, that would mean he would either face Randy Orton or his former partner Jinder Mahal at Money in the Bank. Question is, is he worthy of a WWE Title Match?

Whether or not he does get a shot at Smackdown’s top title remains to be seen, but after everything Rusev has done and been through the man deserves something big for his return from injury. There is so much potential for a shot against Randy Orton if he retains, they could have a really solid match. It might be more difficult to book Rusev vs. Mahal if he does get the title by then as they are both heels. Either scenario would make for an interesting main event at the PPV, and Rusev deserves a chance to prove he should be there.

In the case that he ends up getting a US Title shot, it will either be against the face of America Kevin Owens or Chris Jericho or AJ Styles. My prediction is that AJ Styles will become the champion at Backlash, and a possible feud between Styles and Rusev could very much deliver some magic. This is actually what I want to see more, yes Rusev has held the title before however, a feud with AJ Styles could do some good upon his return and an impact can be made here. Against Kevin Owens could be quite entertaining, especially with the US Title in play and the fact neither is American. They are two men who could make a heel vs heel feud actually work.

There is a very slim chance that Rusev will be given a shot at the Tag Team Titles unless Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon decide to embarrass Rusev and give him a random partner. This wouldn’t be the right move, it would be a step back for someone they should be building up and making one of the top heels for the Smackdown. The most sense would be either the WWE Title or the US Title, and it should be a good build up with whether he gets to chose what he goes for.

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Rusev’s return should mark a fresh start for the man, he will be moving forward without Lana by his side as she is set to debut in the ring. His character does not need much of a change, however, he does need a good storyline to boost him up and make a splash for Smackdown. Money in the Bank is already shaping up to be a very intriguing event, and we should know more come Backlash in a few weeks.