WWE Payback 2017 Predictions

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Singles Match: Samoa Joe vs Seth Rollins

This could very well be the show-stealer Sunday night.  The planets seem to be aligning perfectly towards an absolute gem from Rollins and Joe.  Rollins, who’s career once again seemed in jeopardy in late January when he suffered a second injury to the same knee he blew out in November in 2015, shocked the world when he not only competed at Wrestlemania 33, but actually defeated Triple H in what was arguably the best match of the night.

Joe, on the other hand, has had a wrestling resurgence since signing with the WWE in mid-2015 which led to two NXT Championship reigns and an eventual call-up to the main roster.  He made his first night on RAW count. attacking Rollins on behalf of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, thus administering the aforementioned second injury.  Since then, he’s been a menacing heel hell-bent on exacting revenge on his boss’s current enemy.  This has led to a heated feud that has seen both men batter each other senseless on more than one occasion.  This program has been managed perfectly and should lead to a ultra-violent confrontation at Payback.

So what this match comes down to is who’s next in line to push for a world championship.  Right now, and based on his Wrestlemania 33 performance, that guy is Rollins.  Look for him to go through hell Sunday night but go on to pull off the win.  These two wins a row should propel him into big business this summer.

Winner: Seth Rollins