WWE Payback 2017 Predictions

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Singles Match: Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

I’m actually starting to feel bad for Reigns at this point, but not in a “feel bad for the babyface because he’s getting smacked around and I want him to get revenge” type way.  I feel bad for him as a person.  His booking for these past 3 years has been absolutely ridiculous.  The “creative” team has tried every single thing they could to try and get him over with the WWE fans and nothing has worked.  Everyone was screaming for a heel turn from him and that’s exactly what appeared to happen as he smugly ended The Undertaker’s career at Wrestlemania.  But instead of capitalizing on his heel heat, they decided to let Strowman, another heel, lay what may be the biggest beating in WWE history on him about a week later.

So this leads us to their confrontation set for Payback and with it, a built in excuse for Reigns to lose.  Strowman’s attack has left him multiple (kayfabe) injuries and he’s clearly not going to be 100% for this match.  Meanwhile, in Reigns’ absence, Braun has been wreaking havoc which includes destroying a ring while superplexing The Big Show and pushing a dumpster containing Kalisto off of the ramp in front of the titantron.  Yeah, things are trending is Strowman’s direction.

So now the WWE is left with a bit of a conundrum.  Do they dare let Braun go over after Roman just accomplished the biggest win of his career at Wrestlemania?  That’s a pretty big endorsement to have Strowman defeat the man who once and for all ended The Undertaker.  So let’s once again go with what makes sense.  Like I already said, Reigns has a built in excuse but don’t forget the fact that Reigns pinned Strowman clean at Fastlane in early March.  I know most people want to forget that show but that doesn’t negate the win.  The company seems very high on Strowman right now so I don’t think another loss on PPV to Reigns is in the cards.  Strowman takes it after a valiant effort from Roman.

Winner: Braun Strowman