WWE Payback 2017: Match Order Predictions

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House of Horrors Match (Non-title): Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

When this match was first announced it was for the WWE Championship. Things changed just a few weeks ago when Bray Wyatt was acquired from SmackDown Live to RAW. It makes logical sense since a Wyatt victory would have left SmackDown Live without at world champion.

So, not only does removing the title from the match ensure that SmackDown Live will still have a world champion but also makes it less predictable. If there is one downside that taking the title away from this match it’s that it makes it much less important. Because of that, I see this somewhere in the middle of the card. As I said before no title means it’s unpredictable but then the stipulation itself also adds an element of unpredictability. There has been much speculation that at least part of the match will be pre-recorded much like Final Deletion and the New Day-Wyatt compound fight.