WWE: 3 One-Time-Only PPVs They Should Do in 2017

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3. John Cena 15-Year Anniversary Show

Suggested date: Jun. 25, 2017

Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017 is one day after the exact 15-year anniversary of John Cena’s main roster debut. From the moment he first took down Kurt Angle, it was clear that the future looked bright for John Cena.

While Cena has indeed been a high-profile figure in WWE, his future with the company is becoming increasingly uncertain. He just turned 40, and is taking more and more time off from active wrestling. Even Vince McMahon has compared Cena to Babe Ruth, a comparison and position in WWE he once wanted Bret Hart to have.

If Cena does choose to wrestle less and less in the future, WWE should show their appreciation for all the hard work he has put into helping the company succeed. He has put himself through unbelievable pain and anguish, and the damage done to his body through all those years of intense travel and dangerous ‘superhuman strength’ spots, can only be imagined.

If there were any way for WWE to truly thank John Cena properly, it would be with his own PPV. And it’s not like this show wouldn’t get much attention; it’s John Cena, after all. Fans would tune in in droves just to see him wrestle one more time.

In this way, John Cena gets recognition for its hard work, and WWE gets a unique PPV that’s guaranteed to draw in viewers. Everyone wins.