WWE Stock Watch: Baron Corbin Continues to Roll

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4. Falling: The Miz

It’s important not to overreact, because The Miz is so good on the mic that the WWE will always find a way to reward him. Unfortunately, The Miz hasn’t been treated correctly ever since dropping the Intercontinental Championship to Dean Ambrose. Although all of his insults about Ambrose being “lazy” were clearly a work, the fact that some fans saw it as a shoot speaks volumes. That title means a lot less in Ambrose’s hands than it did when The Miz held it, which makes it more upsetting to see that the championship won’t be on the line at Payback. I guess you can thank the inter-brand matches and the United States Championship for that.

The Miz couldn’t find a partner for his tag team match against Chris Jericho and Ambrose, and it’s always weird to see a cowardly heel essentially fighting a handicap match. For some odd reason, Bray Wyatt, who may or may not have been The Miz’s scheduled partner in kayfabe, came to “help” The Miz. I use quotations, because he hit “The A-Lister” with Sister Abigail. This, of course, came after The Miz was already hit with Dirty Deeds and a Codebreaker on the same show.

I’m not sure what Raw plans to do with The Miz, but I just feel like he needs to win the Intercontinental Championship. Again, I don’t want to overreact to a sloppy show that was highlighted by a bunch of on-screen changes in talk shows, but I worry that Raw will drop the ball on a performer who is extremely special. Anytime The Miz is on the mic, we need to feel like everything he says is important, and I hope he gets the IC championship back and holds it for a length period of time.