Will Dolph Ziggler Benefit from Shinsuke Nakamura Feud on WWE SmackDown?


Dolph Ziggler has not had much momentum since his heel turn, but will a feud with Shinsuke Nakamura get him back on track and return that momentum he has lost?

What happened to Dolph Ziggler? He had a fantastic on going feud with The Miz last year, they fought over the IC Title and had some intense and memorable matches. After that feud however, Ziggler just lost all momentum. His character was very stale, so the heel turn was very welcomed. There was an incredible in ring segment with Jerry Lawler that solidified his turn and it seemed as though he was heading back to the top. But then absolutely nothing happened, talk about being an after thought.

The booking has been head scratching to say the least, it is difficult to even remember the last time he had a decent match because he’s barely on TV and not really getting used. That is set to change however, with the main roster debut of Shinsuke Nakamura and his first feud set to be against Ziggler. Pitting these two against each other is a very smart move, not only does it give Ziggler a good feud and TV time, but he’s the perfect person to help Nakamura make the transition.

So far we have seen them in the ring together, exchange a few words and have a quick brawl, and it has been fantastic. They are teasing us with this, and it is working. I just want to see them have a match and I know it will steal the show. It is a smart move, not over exposing Nakamura and giving Ziggler the time to re-establish himself and his character without doing too much too soon.

There is a lot to gain for both men from this feud, Nakamura shows a bigger audience exactly what he can do and Ziggler is the perfect person for him to bounce off of. Ziggler gets to expand his character and move up the ranks once again. With Backlash not far away we can expect a match to be booked between the two, and then there is Money In The Bank. It would be a very wise decision to have both men in that match, whether they are destined to win or not. There is a lot of potential at play here and so far all the right moves have been made, with the hope that it continues on a golden path.

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We can expect a good amount of build up and segments leading up to an eventual match, it would seem that Nakamura is bound to go over with his first main roster feud. This is a great case where both men will do well from it, no matter who wins or who loses. Dolph Ziggler after this feud should be right there on the upper-mid card level and there are many opponents he could have. After Nakamura I would suggest a high profile feud with Sami Zayn, because those two also can tear the house down and again both gain a lot from working together.