WWE Payback 2017: Best and Worst Moments

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Best: Undercard Stepping Up Big

There were seven matches on the main card for Payback. If we’re being honest, the three “main event” matches for the night were Rollins vs. Joe, Strowman vs. Reigns, and the House of Horrors.

The four undercard matches all were better than average, if not great. Aside from the finish, the Cruiserweight Championship match was excellent. And I wrote above about how great the United States Championship match ended up being.

Those two were followed by a pair of championship matches that both delivered in a big way. First, the Hardy Boyz were successful in defending the Tag Team Championships against Cesaro and Sheamus. It was a terrific tag match, with both teams getting a chance to do big things throughout. Matt and Jeff looked great, and showed why they’re a legendary tag team. And Sheasaro put up a hell of a fight, before a post-match heel turn that will do wonders for their run as a team.

There’s really not enough praise that I can heap on the Women’s Title match that would do it justice. Alexa Bliss is on another level right now in terms of performing. I’ve long been singing the praises of Bliss going back to NXT, and seeing her get the recognition she deserves is awesome. Bayley did a great job of making the match feel big, as well.

The entire undercard seemed to be trying to put the crowd in a good mood, knowing what was still to come…