WWE Payback 2017: Best and Worst Moments

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Worst: House of Horrors

This is the result of not having a long term plan that gets stuck to. There are times when making a change is necessary and a good decision. The ending of the Orton-Wyatt story was not one of those times.

The worst thing about the payoff to Orton and Wyatt was the lack of the championship being involved. Of course, that was a necessity given the Superstar Shake-Up – but why would you split up a big feud ahead of its ending? The whole thing was dumb, but a compelling House of Horrors match could have saved it.

Instead, we got a disaster. The first visual of the whole thing was Randy Orton – king of the “T-shirt but no pants” look – riding in a limo wearing pants and no shirt. It’s so completely illogical that you can’t help but laugh.

The only thing that could be considered a “horror” in this thing was the weird baby dolls hanging from the ceiling of the one room. Otherwise, it was worse than any lame county fair haunted house that goes up around Halloween. The frustrating part is that it could have been so much better.

When the action returned the arena, it was similarly stupid. Orton escaped from under a dilapidated Frigidaire to – I’m assuming – teleport to the arena? Wyatt took his limo, so did Orton ride the ghost tractor to get back?

I’m also glad that WWE decided to use a Raw PPV to build to a SmackDown PPV, with the Jinder Mahal appearance.