WWE Payback 2017 Results: Neville vs. Austin Aries Highlights


Neville and Austin Aries would go head-to-head at WWE Payback for the Cruiserweight Championship.

At Wrestlemania 33, Neville and Aries battled in a scintillating war that kicked off the show.  Over the course of 19 minutes, the two cruiserweights went back and forth in a beautiful display of grace and violence.  Aries came close on several occasions and it appears that “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived” was going to pick his first championship as a member of the WWE and add it to his very impressive list of accomplishments.  But in the end, Neville used his new found deviousness, administering an eye rake to get out of Aries’ Last Chancery submission and then landed the Red Arrow for the win.  Due to the circumstances surrounding the victory, Aries got his rematch at Payback Sunday night.  But was the second time the charm for “A-Double”?

Aries was out first for the match.

And then the champ and his 6-0 and pay per view record.

It started fast with Aries getting the better of the exchanges employing multiple arm drags and a drop kick.  The action spill outside and Aries landed  a picture perfect top rope dive.

Back inside, Neville battled back and grounded the match.  Neville then landed a beautiful top rope dropkick for a close 2.  Neville mocked the crowd repeatedly and it gave Aries a chance to get back into the match.  A flying forearm, 3 chops, a gut buster, an STO, and a flying elbow got a 2 count for Aries.

A middle rope neck breaker sent the action back outside where Aries delivered his 5-star dive.  Neville blocked Aries discus elbow and after an exchange, Neville ended up in the Last Chancery.  And just when it looked like he was about to tap, Neville pulled the referee on top of Aries eliciting the DQ.

Winner by disqualification: Austin Aries

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