WWE Payback 2017 Results: Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe Highlights


Seth Rollins looks for retribution against the man who injured him in the name of authority, Samoa Joe at WWE Payback.

This is a rivalry fueled by the term payback with Seth Rollins still nurturing an injured knee.  Seth Rollins was turned on by the Authority which Samoa Joe would later join as the Destroyer.  Joe injured Rollins’ knee making his appearance at WrestleMania questionable.  Rollins vowed to make sure that he takes down Joe at WWE Payback.

Samoa Joe went after Seth Rollins’ knee immediately at the start of this match.  His offensive momentum was continued to build at that point.

Seth Rollins’ would fight his way back on the outside of the ring with his high-flying arsenal.  He took out Joe from the barricade and played to the crowd along the way.

Joe would fight back with a dragon screw using the rope.  The Destroyer would return the favor of Rollins’ dive with a suicide dive of his own.  He would once again return his attack to the knee of Seth Rollins.  A senton to his knee could have been enough to destroy the knee.

Rollins tried to fight back but the right leg continued to bother him.  His momentum was often stopped by the pain flowing through his knee.  Seth Rollins went for a dive from the top turnbuckle but was caught by Samoa Joe.  Joe would dive Rollins’ knees to the mat with a knee breaker.

Even when Rollins continued to fight back, Joe’s attack never deviated from the surgically repaired leg.  Back to back submissions to Rollins continued to wear down the left knee.  The fight never stopped from Rollins as he continued to hit huge moves but it always came back to haunt him.

As the adrenaline continued to pump from the body of Seth Rollins, he continued to risk life and limb.  It looked like the frog splash was the end of the match but a slight pause because of the knee allowed Joe to kick out.

Joe locked in the Coquina Clutch but Rollins’ scrappy nature allowed him to cradle Joe for the win.  Rollins gets the redemption that he has been looking forward to for months.