Report: WWE Payback’s House of Horrors Match Spoilers


WWE Payback’s House of Horrors match may have a lot going on, including the use of an actual house.

The biggest mystery of WWE Payback is the House of Horrors match. WWE has kept quiet about it on Raw and SmackDown, only noting it will take place in the House of Horrors and end in the ring. You can only win via pinfall or submission, too.

Well, more details of this match, between Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt, have been revealed. It features potential spoilers, though, so if you don’t want a surprise to be ruined for Sunday evening.

According to PW Insider, WWE filmed 10 minutes of footage for this match, including Randy Orton arriving to the actual house in a limousine. They’re going to fight all throughout the home, with one of the rooms featuring dolls hanging from a ceiling.

Wyatt will eventually trap Orton in a kitchen, steal the limo and go to the arena for the rest of the match. This didn’t get confirmed, but it should be assumed they’ll finish this inside the arena.

The end to this will be interesting to follow, along with how Orton gets to the arena. Maybe there will be an extra scene added in to show how he gets to the arena, unless he somehow hitches onto Wyatt’s limo.

Then, we’ll see who wins this. It’s a nontitle match, so Orton will possess the WWE Championship, no matter how this goes down. He’s set to defend it against Jinder Mahal at WWE Backlash. Might the Maharajah interfere to cost his upcoming opponent at Payback?

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Along with the House of Horros match, there’s seven other main-show bouts taking place. This includes Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman, Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss, and Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe. It should be a night full of action.