WWE Payback 2017: Roman Reigns Cannot Thrive With Bad Booking


WWE continue to do Roman Reigns a huge disservice by the poor booking choices they make, the crowd were not on his side at Payback and they cheered his severe beat down.

It is difficult to understand why WWE creative and Vince McMahon continue to book Roman Reigns so poorly. He is meant to be the baby face, the one who is going to be the face of the company moving forward. This is not a problem, however for years fans have not responded to Roman Reigns in that way. Yet he has continued to be booked that way and all it does it hurt him and infuriates fans even further. He has been kept off TV for several weeks selling his attack from Braun Strowman on Raw, and also due to the passing of his brother known to fans as Rosey. It was a smart move, however the booking in his match with Braun was not.

So why was this not a smart move? Braun absolutely destroyed Roman, the sympathy card did not work and the fans continued to cheer for Braun and chanting “Thank you” after the huge beat down. Going in surely the powers that be would have known that was going to happen, yet they still went with it. Roman needs to under go a big make over and change and this is not the way to make that happen. He has been demolished by Braun twice and the crowd have not chanted for Roman, they in fact have cheered for the beat down. At this point in time there is no possible way that the fans will get won over by Roman, not even a Shield reunion will help.

What needs to happen is Roman should be kept off of TV for awhile, he needs to come back with a fresh look and a new attitude. The ball needs to be dropped on a heel turn, it has to happen in order for Roman to grow as a superstar and to give the fans a real reason to boo him. After a successful run as a heel, Roman can make the transition when the time is right. This is what should have happened over a year ago and yet nothing has changed and it is getting worse for him. With that amount of heat on him with fans, a heel turn makes the most sense. Getting destroyed by Braun is not the way to book him, the fans are not buying into it and the heat for Roman is only going to get worse.

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Playing the sympathy card with the wrong person is going to have the opposite effect of what they want, as seen with Payback. However having Roman go over Braun would have also had a negative effect, the right person won but the sympathy fact was not correct. Roman is a hard worker and he takes everything he is given, he has grown as much as he can however it is only going to keep harming in if he keeps getting booked this way. There is a way to salvage this for Roman, but if things continue the way are they with him it will be too late to do anything.