4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 1, 2017

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The Eater of Worlds Confronts the Demon King

Now that his feud with Randy Orton is behind him, Bray Wyatt can focus solely on the talent provided on Raw. During his first appearance after being drafted, the Eater of Worlds chose to focus his attention on Finn Balor. On that night, WWE teased a future contest between these two athletes. Considering that neither has a developed storyline for them, this is the perfect time to pair them together.

Widely considered to be two of the most polarizing acts in the company, Balor and Wyatt has an uncanny ability to draw the crowd in. Both have won world championships in recent memory, making their star power all the more powerful. Easily one of the most interesting matches Raw can provide, these two deserve plenty of time to develop a meaningful story. That should begin tonight, as it will allow the story room to growth and for emotions to boil.

In terms of how to go about this, Wyatt needs to come out and brag about his huge victory. Make him say it loud and proud that he is the true master of fear. His tirade would bring out Balor, and a brief staredown is all that’s needed to get fans hooked. Following this, WWE can’t resort to foolish storytelling or “House of Horror” contests.

If these two want to compete; let them. Don’t weigh them down with matches and stipulations that make a cool contest on paper turn to a disaster.