4 Predictions for WWE Raw: May 1, 2017

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The Big Dog Deserves to Recover

By the end of Payback, Roman Reigns was a battered and bloody heap, courtesy of his rival Braun Strowman. Last night served as another chapter in their feud, and it delivered, to say the least. The Big Dog looked defiant in defeat, and Strowman gets to ride a great wave of momentum. These two will meet again, but the timing isn’t right at this point.

Throughout the main event, it was obvious that Reigns was too damaged going into the show to compete. Still, he simply decided to tolerate the pain and try and achieve his revenge. He failed on both fronts. Not only that, but a merciless attack with steel steps has left him more vulnerable than ever.

The best thing WWE can do right now is have Reigns miss this episode of Raw. No one would believe that a man who went through that amount of pain could walk or even compete the next day. Vince McMahon may cry himself to sleep Monday night due to this, but it’s the smartest decision storyline wise.

Let Strowman continue his run of dominance and establish himself as the top powerhouse on Raw. His recent work has acquired the attention of Brock Lesnar, and the two may compete for the Universal Championship. If this is to be true, than Strowman needs to be pushed to the moon. Keep giving him wins and look like a freak of nature. As for Reigns, a little bit of rest could do his character some good, making fans long for a quick return. No harm in selling an injury.

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