WWE SmackDown Live: Predicting the Next 5 Big Pushes

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5. Mojo Rawley

WWE higher-ups seem to be really high on the former Hype Bro. Mojo’s high energy character,  incredible physique and surprising athleticism are all of the traits Vince McMahon looks for in a Superstar. However, there’s one thing about Mojo that Vince really loves: his best friend.

Mojo Rawley’s good friend just so happens to be the New England Patriots’ tight end, Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski, also known as Gronk, allows for Vince to get mainstream media coverage on his events as long as he keeps Mojo Rawley involved in the programming.

So, that’s exactly what WWE is doing. Mojo Rawley ended up winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal with the help of, you guessed it, Rob Gronkowski. It looks like that battle royal win will be a kick starter for Mojo Rawley’s push up the card.

Don’t be surprised if you see Mojo Rawley challenging for Kevin Owens’ United States Championship in the near future, and don’t be surprised if Mojo finds himself in a multi-man match for the WWE Championship at one point in the year.

Finally, don’t be surprised if Rob Gronkowski is in attendance and even gets involved in either or both of these matches. Vince can kill two birds with one stone this way by getting mainstream coverage as he builds a new star.

It’s all about hard work and who you know for Mojo Rawley, and both seem to be paying off tremendously for Mojo in his career at the moment. Don’t expect his push to slow down just yet.