WWE SmackDown Live: Predicting the Next 5 Big Pushes

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3. Rusev

Rusev, who underwent surgery before WrestleMania, looks to be receiving a big push upon his return.

On the last episode of SmackDown Live, Rusev declared that he wanted a championship match at Money in the Bank, or he was not going to compete on SmackDown Live.

Now, Rusev has received championship opportunities in the past. In fact, he has had two reigns with the United States Championship. So, with that being said, another midcard title opportunity would not seem like a big push.

However, according to Rusev’s tweet below it looks like he wants to compete for the WWE Championship.

Because Rusev has had a United States Championship match before and has not had a WWE Championship match before, it is safe to assume that a WWE Championship match is on the horizon.

If this match that Rusev is requesting does end up getting approved, it could be the start of a main event push for him. He may not win the belt at Money in the Bank, but that match could solidify him as one of SmackDown Live‘s top heels.

After being stuck in no man’s land on RAW for quite some time, lets hope this push will last a while for the deserving Rusev.