WWE SmackDown Live: Predicting the Next 5 Big Pushes

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2. Zack Ryder

The return of the ZackDaddy is upon us.

Zack Ryder and his tag partner, Mojo Rawley, were the number 1 contenders for the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships until Ryder was injured.

Since his surgery, Ryder has been rehabbing and documenting the process through his new YouTube series. In the first episode he noted that the Hype Bros were no longer.

This means that the fan favorite, Zack Ryder, will once again be a singles Superstar upon his return to the ring. In his second episode, Ryder opened up about potentially reaching his goal of becoming WWE Champion.

Zack Ryder initially got over in the WWE with a YouTube series, which led to his first singles title reign as the United States Champion. The fact that WWE is allowing Ryder to replicate it could be a sign of WWE eventually pushing Ryder beyond the midcard level.

Ryder’s large fan base, inspiring and emotional comeback story/video series, and his incredible physique are all signs pointing towards a huge push for the 10 year veteran.

Whether he makes a shocking return to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase to create a memorable and enjoyable moment at the PPV, or he builds up all of this sympathy and support just to pull off an incredible heel turn, big things are in the works for Zack Ryder upon his return to SmackDown Live.