WWE SmackDown Live: Predicting the Next 5 Big Pushes

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Credit: WWE.com

1. Baron Corbin

Ever since Baron Corbin won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in his debut, he has been poised for a big push.

The only problem was that fans were just not ready to accept him as a top heel. His in ring work was sloppy and was not convincing as a monster heel on the mic.

Well, it’s been over a year, and Baron Corbin has made tremendous strides in all the right directions. He’s able to consistently put on great matches, and Talking Smack helped him develop his character and mic skills.

It looks like WWE is finally ready to pull the trigger on Baron Corbin for a monster heel push. The seeds have been planted with him eliminating Strowman at the Royal Rumble and defeating Dean Ambrose on SmackDown Live.

Now, the only thing there is for Baron Corbin to do is to take the belt off of Randy Orton. With Kevin Owens being the current United States Champion, SmackDown Live needs someone to fill the role of top heel.

Baron Corbin is that guy, and he can become that guy in dramatic fashion by defeating the 13 time World Champion, Randy Orton.

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The Lone Wolf has managed to prove his doubters wrong throughout his journey on the main roster, and he is planning to keep on with that trend. The End of Days without a world championship is soon to come for Corbin.

A big push along with a WWE Championship is in the near future for Baron Corbin.