Roman Reigns’ 5 Greatest WWE Matches

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Despite being arguably the most polarizing wrestler of the past 20 years, Roman Reigns has had many great matches on the biggest stages.

Roman Reigns is someone whose name elicits a strong response. On one hand, he’s considered one of the most over-rated and over pushed wrestlers of the past two decades. His rise to the main event has been nothing short of meteoric, but it has also been viewed as artificial and forced courtesy of the WWE machine.

Because of this, many people despise Reigns, and passionately so. The idea of Reigns being the new John Cena, despite relative inexperience and many glaring flaws, has caused large swaths of the WWE fandom to reject him outright. Worse, many observers, including those within WWE itself, believe Reigns is miscast and is in need of a major change in character if he’s ever to make as much money as his predecessors.

On the other hand, when it comes to in-ring work, Reigns has actually had several high-quality matches during his short career on WWE’s main roster. Many of these matches were great from an in-ring perspective.

The reason that some people refuse to acknowledge this is because the Roman Reigns character and his accompanying push overshadow the work that Joseph Anoa’i, the man behind the character, puts into his wrestling.

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To that end, we’re going to look at the five best matches of Roman Reigns’ career. These are Reigns’ best matches in terms of quality, in-ring action, and overall crowd noise. Even though he’s been booed by the overwhelming majority of fans during his matches, that didn’t take away from the quality of these five matches.