Roman Reigns’ 5 Greatest WWE Matches

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4. Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens – Royal Rumble 2017

This was not a technical, chain-grappling masterpiece by any means. It was a vicious brawl, and both Reigns and Kevin Owens looked great in this match.

Both Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns went the extra mile to try and win this match. We saw some great power moves from Reigns and some excellent reversals and weapons-based violence from Owens. This kind of match actually fit both men perfectly, as neither one of them is completely adept in a Shawn Michaels-style technical mat wrestling match.

What made this match so good was that the near-falls were believable, especially within the last ten minutes of the match. Reigns used several impressive moves, including tossing Owens into a stack of chairs and Powerbombing him through the announcer’s table. In the end, Reigns looked like an aggressive monster, which did him some favors.

This was the best match of 2017 for Roman Reigns thus far. Hopefully, he’ll start having more matches like this, and maybe the audience might start liking him after all. Maybe.


Rating: ****