Roman Reigns’ 5 Greatest WWE Matches

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3. Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose – Fastlane 2016

It seems like, anytime someone like Reigns fights someone like Brock Lesnar, the crowd gets much louder than normal. That was proven in this fantastic Triple Threat match, which also included Dean Ambrose.

This match had an excellent dynamic, with the main story being that Reigns and Ambrose had to work together to keep Brock Lesnar down. The reason for this was because Lesnar dominated the first half of the match, suplexing both Reigns and Ambrose several times with little effort.

So to keep Lesnar down, Reigns and Ambrose went into fanservice mode and brought back some good, old-fashioned Shield nostalgia with a pair of two-man Powerbombs, before fighting each other for several minutes. Alas, not even literally burying Lesnar under a pile of debris was enough to keep him down, as Lesnar manage to Suplex Reigns while Reigns had Ambrose on his shoulders.

Small wonder, then, that so many people love Lesnar as a wrestler.

In the end, Reigns did what he does best in big matches: shows off his power and hits his signature moves with devastating efficiency. Though Lesnar was the star of this match, Reigns ended up doing well here nonetheless.

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Rating: ****1/4