Roman Reigns’ 5 Greatest WWE Matches

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2. Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan – Fastlane 2015

This was one of the first matches in which we got to see how Roman Reigns fares in a singles environment. Needless to say, he proved he could hang with technically-superior opponents.

This was an excellent ‘small-guy-vs.-big-guy’ match-up. Bryan played the role of smaller, agile ring technician, while Reigns did an excellent job as the larger powerhouse that answered technical precision with brute force. It was a classic clash of styles that actually led to some great in-ring work.

Bryan deserves lots of credit here as well for making up for his smaller stature with excellent psychology, especially when he kicked Reigns in the abdomen (after Reigns had had hernia surgery months before).

In doing so, Bryan made himself look like a smarter wrestler that had the ideal counters for the pure power that Reigns unleashed throughout the match (as seen in, for example, his use of a top-rope Superbomb).

This was one of the most dramatic WWE matches of 2015, and served as the last great singles match of Daniel Bryan’s wrestling career. In retrospect, this is a must-see match, as it’s Bryan’s last great singles match and Reigns’ first.

Highly Recommended.

Rating: ****1/2