4 Predictions for WWE SmackDown Live: May 2, 2017

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Nakamura & Ziggler Make It Official

Over the past several weeks, Shinsuke Nakamura and Dolph Ziggler have had short in-ring interactions between one another. It all started when Nakamura decided to interrupt a tirade that the Showoff was delivering during a live segment. Tired of hearing the man complain, the King of Strong Styles knocked him down a peg. In retaliation, Ziggler went for the superkick, but it was caught and he was tossed on his backside.

A short time later, Nakamura was giving a promo in the ring when Ziggler came out to return the favor. The two traded insults for a bit, and things quickly went from bad to worse. Once again the Showoff went on the offense, only to be stopped in his tracks and sent cowering away. Each week the legend of Nakamura seems to grow, while the aura of charisma surrounding Ziggler fades due to his position in the company.

Although the Showoff will never taste a world title again in WWE, he still has the ability to perform at a great level. It’s this natural talent that makes him a prime candidate to compete against Nakamura at Backlash. As I’ve stated in previous articles, these two have the potential to produce an instant class. Even though the result isn’t in doubt whatsoever, the contest itself will help to build the Blue Brand. Nakamura will earn a victory which will let fans take him seriously, and Ziggler can show new audience members just how athletic he is.

So this week, what will probably happen is Ziggler will challenge his new rival to a match. The King of Strong Style is going to accept, giving SmackDown Live a major match to promote.