WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017: 3 Potential Opponents for Brock Lesnar

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Photo by WWE.com

2. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has been riding a huge wave of momentum lately. After slaying Triple H at WrestleMania on one leg, Rollins defeated the previously undefeated (in singles matches) Samoa Joe at Payback.

After two marquee victories in a row for the babyface, there isn’t much else for Rollins to do other than go after the WWE Universal Championship. Any other feud or direction would just seem like step in the wrong direction after a hot couple of months.

After Samoa Joe ran interference on  Rollins during his match with The Miz and Finn Bálor, it is safe to assume that Rollins’ feud with Samoa Joe is not over just yet.

It looks like they will be carrying their rivalry into Extreme Rules, and if Rollins can get another victory over The Samoan Submission Machine, it will become a necessity to put Rollins in the Universal Championship match at Great Balls of Fire.

Rollins has faced the Beast Incarnate in the past. They took part in an incredible triple threat match at the Royal Rumble along with John Cena back in 2015, where Brock Lesnar came out victorious.

Rollins also had the most memorable and historic Money in the Bank cash in against Lesnar and Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31, and they also battled at WWE Battleground 2015, but The Undertaker interfered to attack Lesnar.

Despite their previous encounters, this is a feud that still seems like it will be fresh due to Rollins’ recent face turn. Also, they never had a singles match that has ended cleanly, and it may be time for that to change.

Rollins has made it clear that he wants a shot at the WWE Universal Championship, and at Great Balls of Fire, he just may get it.