Alexa Bliss: Making History and Taking Over WWE


Alexa Bliss had a history-making moment at Payback, which is only the start for this petite Goddess of WWE.

The saying ‘big things come in small packages’ comes to mind when it comes to Alexa Bliss.  Since her debut on the main roster, last Summer, Bliss has taken the company by storm.  Bliss held the Smackdown Women’s Championship twice before coming over to Raw and winning its Championship on Sunday night.  What’s even crazier is that Bliss has only been on the main roster for less than ten months.  Not even a year and big things are on the horizon for the Five Feet of Fury.

In this new era, Bliss is the first woman to hold both Championships.  It is safe to say that after Payback, Bliss has cemented her place in the Women’s Division as a whole.  The achievements of Bliss speak volumes considering the roster has names such as Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Mickie James.  Not many would have guessed Bliss would be this big of a deal last July.  Bliss has been on a mission and set forth to becoming the self-proclaimed Goddess of WWE.  To make it clear, Bliss talked a good game and backed it up in the ring.  Her Championship reigns speak for it.

Bliss’ promo on this past Raw was reminiscent to Trish Stratus’ 2004 heel persona.  It’s a compliment considering that she plays the condescending bitch so well.  It’s no denying Bliss has improved since coming onto the main roster.  In the ring is her biggest improvement as she exercises her ring awareness to her advantage.  Bliss has become very resourceful in efforts to win her matches and that is her biggest asset aside from her character.

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After seeing its most successful year in 2016, 2017 is shaping up for the Women’s Division with Bliss captaining the ship.  The immense concentration on her hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans.Whether fans like it or not, Bliss is the new girl in town and she’s the most popular of the bunch thanks to her look of cuteness mixed with spunk and fury.  The look and attitude works for her to the point it’s almost second nature.

What is next for Bliss is anyone’s guess.  She has a huge target on her back with the Raw Women’s Division.  Bliss is the type of character fans want to see get what’s coming to her.  And in due time it will happen, but it is a matter of when.  I think of her feud with Becky Lynch last summer and based on that alone,  the Raw Women’s Championship may have a more permanent home this time around.  Who can stop Bliss?  Right now, she’s almost invincible.

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The best part for Bliss is that she is just getting started.  Her star isn’t going to fade away anytime soon.  She is indeed on top of the world and there isn’t anyone who will be standing in her way.  While there is much jealousy and disdain in response to Bliss’ bragging rights, one thing is for sure:  Long live Alexa Bliss.