WWE NXT Results: Highlights, Analysis, and Grades for May 3

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Hideo Itami vs. Kona Reeves

Result: Hideo Itami defeated Kona Reeves via pinfall.

Still not sure what the WWE NXT brass sees in Reeves to consistently go out there, but he must be producing well in the Performance Center. Maybe it will result in a TV win, but that has no sign of happening anytime soon.

As the match started, Reeves absolutely decked Itami from behind. Can’t help but cringe after all that the Japanese Sensation has gone through these past two years.

After this, Reeves got in a fair amount of offense for the first 90 seconds of the match. He’s significantly bigger than Itami, so the psychology of this made some sense. That was until Itami slapped and started beating down the Hawaiian Superstar, before hitting the GTS to win.

Itami is certainly on his way to the NXT Championship at TakeOver: Chicago. The biggest question is, if WWE NXT will pull the trigger on a title reign after all the setbacks? It could be a now or never situation.

Drew McIntyre Vignette

We get a vignette of McIntyre, which starts with him being the “Chosen One,” the words that Vince McMahon anointed him with. If you’ve followed WWE for the past handful of years, you know how that went down.

McIntyre is still without something clear cut for TakeOver: Chicago. It may take for the next live special for him to do something — potentially the NXT Championship. That’s why Itami’s hopes in Chicago look bleak, barring a heel turn from the Scotsman.

Who is Roderick Strong? Part II

The second part of Strong’s video package is shown. We see him and his fiancee, MMA fighter Marian Shafir, getting ready for their baby, who was recently born.

A look at Strong’s early wrestling career is then shown. He’s then shown in the Performance Center, with an ROH shirt on. Oh, and then he name-dropped “Ring of Honor.” What year is this again? This is a significant part of Strong’s career, however, so it’s difficult to avoid this.

To close it off, Strong gets emotional and provides a message for his younger self. A clip of his baby is then shown.

Two incredible weeks of videos for Strong, something that should have been done a long time ago. Better late than ever, though. It gives fans knowledge of the former Mr. Ring of Honor.