Impact Wrestling: Results and Highlights for May 4

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Eddie Edwards vs Matt Sydal

Result: Sydal def. Edwards via pinfall

Matt Sydal builds his momentum early but Edwards used his speedy attack early on too.  Edwards pulled out his power game to combat the quickness of Sydal.  The two competitors didn’t hold anything back.  Edwards tried to pull off a tigerbomb but it was reversed into a hurricanrana.  A huge high knee set up the shooting star press and the victory for Matt Sydal.  The match had everything from high-flying to technical to submission wrestling and showcased every aspect of the X-Division.

Matt Sydal and Eddie Edwards both have similar styles which makes this an interesting match.  Edwards is on the opposite side of the speed edge in this match and he changed his styles accordingly.  The two went back and forth in this match as it could go either way.  Sydal was the newcomer but he held his own against the triple crown champion.

After the match, the two competitors show respect for each other with a handshake.  The happy ending didn’t last long as Edwards was attacked by Davey Richards.  Alisha was taken out by Angelina Love.  They focused the brutal attack on Eddie Edwards’ leg but Alisha gets the last word with a dive on Richards and Love.